Meet Liv

In the words of Jay Z: “Allow me to re-introduce myself”: I’m Olivia, but most usually, Liv. I’m a twenty-something newly wed, an only child from all over (literally, all over), a total Aries, and a lover of anything floral, all things Ina Garten, long stories, fine stationery, loud dinner parties, rap music and baking. I’m insanely passionate, borderline obsessive, fiercely loyal and chronically early. I’m big hearted, honest, and a firm believer in the healing power of a home cooked meal. I’m a family girl, dog mom, flower charmin’ loud talker who has always attached herself to the idea of being a writer. I don’t know that I ever even made the conscious decision to write, it’s like I started one day and never stopped. I’m pretty sure that day was in Kindergarten and I’d managed to finagle the often sought-after hot pink crayon. Crayon met construction paper and the rest is history.

The written word, the act of story telling, and the art of sharing what comes from that has always been how I best relate to others while sharing my heart. And boy, do I share. I’m all those things I listed above, but I left one for last. I’m anxious. I’m honest.  So for the sake of being honest, I started Lionheart because I was afraid. Afraid of the changes that were hurdling into my life, full force. Most of the changes were good, welcomed, a blessing really. Some of the changes were shit-my-pants scary. Writing has been my safety blanket for the past 20 something years, and it’s no surprise that I find myself once again craving the art of putting pen to paper for courage.

I believe that life is meant to be lived fully, bravely and with big bellied laughter. So this is me, working on the brave. Because, did I mention that I firmly believe most of us have no idea what we’re doing as we navigate these big, beautiful lives? That’s where my stories come in. I’m chasing a big life, no matter how scary and I’m learning along the way. I’m sharing what comes of that with you all, here. I hope you enjoy it.